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Ho Chi Minh City organizes the exhibition of German & Vietnamese artists

The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ho Chi Minh City will present an encounter between three German and two Vietnamese artists in a joint exhibition that aids to increase the presence of both cultures and engage them in a direct dialogue.


‘High and Low’ by Nguyen Thi Tam.

Boundary by Tran Thuy Linh

Traude Linhardt's work.

3 German modern artists--Hertha Miessner, Traude Linhardt and Susanne Wackerbauer, represented within the exhibition ‘Her Presence In Colours-Vietnam 2012’ hold by the International ladies Artists Council (INWAC) from June twenty four to twenty nine encounter with 2 Vietnamese artists who follow ancient and modern styles respectively.

Individual artistic ideas and ways are made through an inter-action of cultures, values and inventive processes.

The values underlies the 2 unlike cultures are laid bare so as to launch processes, important for a dialogue in art and with art. The exhibition includes 30 works in silk, acrylic, oils, digital collages together with 11 sculptures.

Every artist speaks her own language, depended on her specific visual and emotional interpretation, as well as an interpretation handed down from the past; a language originated from a variety of perspectives and kept permanently alive by a diversity of approaches.

“Art in Juxtaposition” does not stand just for the juxtaposition of different techniques and materials used by the Vietnamese and German artists but also for the distinctive Western accesses to develop entirely new forms of expression through combining of each kind of technique, material and new medium in a single work.

On the other hand, the Eastern notion that one that finds an internal world of the self in confrontation with the outside world, foregrounding the ideological and using the art as a way of expressing individual and aesthetic concepts.

In our globalized world the exhibition allows the audience as well as the artists to embark on an adventurous journey of discovering iconographic signs and themes emerging from various artistic techniques and materials.

“Art in Discussion-from Material to Form”, an event held at the Goethe Institute on June 19 at Nr.18 Straße 1, Cu xa Do Thanh, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, supplies the public with an opportunity to join in a “tri-dialogue” with the German artists.

The German guests will discuss in other things, their various artistic strategies and talk about their individual development as artists, the range of their work as well as the ideas underlying their particular vision of art.

The exhibition will occur from June 21-28 at the City Museum, 92 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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