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The Exhibition “Paris in a Glance” in Ho Chi Minh City

Opening: Thu 14 Jun, 6 pm
Exhibition: 14 – 22 Jun 2012


You are invited to the photography exhibition named “Paris in a Glance” at IDECAF. The exhibition consists of the photographs of 4 Vietnamese photographers: Hoang The Nhiem, Nguyen Phuong, Le Quang Bien and Pham Le Quan. They will take the exhibition their love for Paris and how they see Paris through their own lense about the buildings, the people, the daily lives and wonderful things the capital of France brings. 4 photographers express their feelings in their photographs and it makes visitors to look at these photographs closely. Through the photographs, Paris looks so strange yet so familiar.
This exhibition is a collection of photographs by 4 photographers of unlike level but they share the same passion for photography.

Majored in information technology, Hoang The Nghiem decided to become a photographer in 1992 on landscape. As a member of HCMC Photography Association, Vietnam Photographers Association and International Federation for Photographers, his works was exhibited in Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi (2010) and the US, France, Belgium, UK from 2007 t0 2012. According to the artist, the photographer should not only base on his talent but should have an ability or skill to capture the moment. He has published the book titled “L’appel des quatre saisons” (The Call of Four Seasons) in collaboration with Lotus Gallery.

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Nguyen Phuong is a retired engineer. He has discovered his passion for photography quite late but he has joined in lots of exhibition in Italy and France from 2010 to 2012. His works are about the daily lives. As a romantic photographer, he is doing an exhibition on the famous Venice.

Pham Le Quan and Le Quang Bien are two photograph journalists. Their pictures are captured right at the spot. Le Quang Bien is working for UNESCO in Hanoi and Pham Le Quan is an artist, poet, musician in Vietnam His works are displayed in France, Hong Kong and Hanoi.


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