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Quang Ngai builds tourism complex on the historical site

Quang Ngai Province is going to spend VND400 billion to develop an ecological and historical tourism complex on the historical site where the war martyr doctor Dang Thuy Tram used to work, an official said.

Dang Quy, Deputy Director of the province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the 250-ha complex would be developed in Duc Pho District, from 12 to 15km northwest of the Dang Thuy Tram Infirmary.
Approximately VND170 billion will come from the State budget for the infrastructure while funds for other remaining facilities will come from investors.
“We will call investors to build tourist accommodations, camping sectors, stop-over stations and other service facilities which should begin operation in 2012,” Quy said.
He said the province would restore the working place of doctor Dang Thuy Tram for visitors to study more about the life of the revolutionary martyr. Guests will have an opportunity to discover ecological values and daily life of around 20 households of Hre ethnic group there.
“We just allow for a construction density of about 30% on the total area of the complex. We will give priority to those projects to develop the landscape for the complex,” Quy said.
Doctor Dang Thuy Tram was born in the capital of Hanoi but  she worked and died during the grim years of war in Quang Ngai Province. In 2005, many local newspapers have published stories about the doctor, an American soldier found and given back her diary to Tram’s family.
The Danh Thuy Tram Infirmary was located in 2006 in Pho Cuong Commune of Duc Pho District. The historical and infirmary venues impress around 40,000 visitors every year alongside lots of local people who come to the clinic for treatment.


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