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Viet Nam Travel Atlas 2009

Tourism Information Technology Center published the Viet Nam Travel Atlas (the sixth edition) in two languages (English and Vietnamese)


The book provides maps, useful tips, addresses, and information on geography, history, culture and tourism of cities and provinces in Viet Nam. In this edition, the book’s content was corrected according to administrative border change. Many new tourist sites, entertainment areas, resorts… in main cities and provinces as well as the information about immigration procedure were updated.

With articles, maps of regions and tourist centers, and lively images, the Viet Nam Travel Atlas helps you easier to discover Viet Nam.
The book provides useful and brief information for your trips in Viet Nam. Especially it offers maps of all regions of Viet Nam. In addition, there are also detail maps of tourist centers. 

You are able to find tourist sites, hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment places easily by indexes.
An useful book to discover Viet Nam by yourself. 

- The book comprises 108 pages, size 21x29cm, four colors
- Price: USD 23 (shipping included)

For further information, contact Tourism Information Technology Center
* Hanoi
Add: 114 Lang Ha Street
Tel: (84-4) 3943 7072 - 3822 3651
Fax: (84-4) 3826 3956

* Ho Chi Minh City
Add: Floor 7, 146 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, District 1
Tel:(84-8) 3824 1241- 3821 6065
Fax: (84-8) 3821 8022

* Danang City
Add: 58 Phan Chu Trinh Street
Tel: (84-511) 389 7543 - 389 7544
Fax: (84-511) 389 7543


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