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Vietnam refunds VAT to foreigners from July 1

International visitors to Vietnam can get their value-added tax refunded on departure from the Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat airports beginning July 1, the Vietnam Customs said.

The visitors with ietnam travel guide should submit the tax refund application and have their listed products checked, before receiving the money. The items will be transferred to the cargo section, or taken by the passengers as hand luggage.

The goods are required to be brand new and not on the list of prohibited items. A valid invoice with a value of at least VND2 million (US$95) is required.

The refund will be made in Vietnam dong and can be converted to other currencies later.

The pilot program will last until June 30, 2014, giving refunds for purchases at airports, tourism zones and several places in big cities. Retailers must register with the authorities to join the scheme, the government said in the statement.

The VAT refund has been planned by the Finance Ministry since September last year.

The duration of stay by foreigners eligible to gather refunds has not been clarified. France gives tax refunds to foreign visitors with Vietnam guide who stay in the country for no over 3 months, and the limit in Singapore is 6 months.


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