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Rediscovered the pitcher plant in Vietnam after 100 years

VietNamNet Bridge – Scientists have discovered pitcher-plants (Nepenthes thorelii Lecomte) at the Lo Xo-Xa Mat national half within the southern province of Tay Ninh, after over 100 years of disappearance in Vietnam.

The trees were founded throughout a survey by experts from the Vietnam Tropical Biology Institute and researchers from France & the UK last year.
Nepenthes thorelii  is considered as a tropical pitcher plant endemic to Indochina. It is known very little about  N. thorelii and it's unlikely to have come
into cultivation, although varied alternative taxa are often mislabeled as this species within the plant trade. . Prior to its rediscovery in Vietnam last
year, N. thorelii was considered probably extinct, each within the wild and in cultivation.

The first known assortment of N. thorelii was created by Clovis Thorel between 1861-1869 in Thi Tinh commune, Lo Thieu district of the southern province of Binh Duong, Vietnam. During this time, Thorel collected variety of specimens of N. thorelii, all of that are designated as Thorel 1032. One of these
specimens, the lectotype, could be a male plant with lower pitchers. it's deposited at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, in conjunction with one isotype: a feminine specimen with higher pitchers. A second isotype is held at Herbarium Bogoriense (BO), the herbarium of the Bogor Botanical Gardens. A  further specimen of Thorel 1032 is deposited at the New York Botanical Garden.

Nepenthes thorelii was  officialy described in 1909 by French botanist Paul Henri Lecomte, named it after Thorel. The description was revealed in
Lecomte's Notulae systematicae. Since then, one infraspecific taxon of N. thorelii has appeared in print; Nepenthes thorelii f. Rubra was mentioned by Leo C. Song during a 1979 article revealed within the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, however it is taken into account a nomen nudum.

Nepenthes thorelii was rediscovered within the Lo Xo-Xa Mat national half in the southern province of Tay Ninh in August 2011. The so-called Sua Da  
population was found by a team as well as François Mey, Alastair Robinson and Luu Hong Truong, from the Vietnam Tropical Biology Institute in HCM town  and was estimated to fewer than a hundred people. The invention was announced on-line by Alastair Robinson on August six, 2011.

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