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Breathtaking Coc Ly Fairy Cave

Being one of the most majestic and beautiful of Bac Ha district (Lao Cai province), Coc Ly fairy cave is located on the highland which is about 2,000 m over sea level.

Although Coc Ly fairy cave was discovered by the local residents very soon, its beauty and poetic started being known widely few years ago after the development of the local tourism, especially when Bao Nhai-Coc Ly market Vietnam travel guide was established. 

People call Coc Ly a fairy cave because of its association with the legend of three fairies. The three fairies , allowed to visit the human world by Ngoc Hoang, were fascinated by the charming beauty of Coc Ly cave and they didn’t want to go back to the sky. This made Ngoc Hoang angry so he let Thien Loi down to pusnish the fairies.

Finally, the three fairies jumped to the water to commit suicide and their dead bodies were found by the local people at the downstream (centre of Bao Nhai, Bac Ha district nowaday). A temple named Ba Co which was built for the cult of three fairies is said to be very sacred.

Coc Ly cave

Coc Ly fairy cave is a special destination included in the Chay river. There are populations of three caves which have different beauties. Visiting Coc Ly cave, visitors will be fascinated by a world of stalactites which are in various shapes and covered by the vine curtain at the entrance.

Coc Ly cave

The cave looks like a majestic maze, its stalactites form the shapes of flowers, big lotus and the inside space is so magical because of the rare light radiating from outside. The bats also choose the cave to be their residential place.


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