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Rural Market in Thanh Toan - Hue city

No one knows for sure if the location of the rural market in Thanh Toan, Thuy Thanh Commune, Thanh Thuy District, Hue City was intentionally picked or if the market simple just came into being. Nevertheless, the market is in a prime spot, right at the head of a tile-roofed bridge, in front of the communal house and wharfs leading to the Nhu Y River and overlooked by an ancient banyan tree. On the other side of the river is a field of yellow rice, all creating romantic countryside landscape.

Despite the ups and downs, the market maintains its simple beauty with typical features. Here products seem to be the same as in the past, including famous local specialities, such as Thuy Duong rice, Thuy Tan glutinous rice, Thuy Luong rice crapes, Thuy Duong rice wine and Thuy Chau cassava mellow.

Also, there are various kinds of delicious fruits, cakes and dishes of Hue people, such as Banh u (four-cornered rice dumpling), Banh tay (small cylindrical glutinous rice cake), Che bap (sweetened porridge with corn), Che hat sen (sweetened porridge with lotus seeds), steamed sticky rice with steamed pork, grilled catfish, Com hen (rice with mussel), etc.

Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge has been an indispensable part
in the cultural space of Thanh Toan rural market for over 100 years.

The bridge is also the place where market goers can sit and talk with each other
and behold the beautiful landscape.

Simple agricultural products of the locality are available at the market.

Thanh Toan women sew Non (palm-leaf conical hat) at the market.

Children are interested in watching a rural artisan making figurines from colourful rice paste.

Selling dried areca and green tea leaves.

Husking rice by hand at the Thanh Toan market that is rarely seen in Vietnamese rural areas.

Of particular interest, the market also includes many interesting folk games and cultural activities, such as breaking earthen pots, Bai choi singing, cock-fighting and boat-races, that is one of the most typical features of the market.

The market has become a destination of the countryside tour selected by many tourists to Hue on the days before Tet (lunar New Year Festival). Therefore, it is not only the place for locals to exchange products but also an attractive tourist destination that should be preserved.

Source: VietNamNet/VNP

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