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The State Bank of Vietnam

Address: 49 Ly Thai To St., Hoan Kiem Dist

Phone: 3825 8388

Fax: 3826 8765



The State Bank of Vietnam overview



Warmly welcome to the Website of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) .


On the occasion of the launching of the new interface of Website of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV Website), I would like, on behalf of the Party Committee and the  Management Board, to express my warm congratulation and best wishes to the Editorial Board, staff, media workers, collaborators as well as domestic and foreign readers.

Over the past years, the SBV Website has gradually developed and become an important tool in  diseeminating the directives, policies, and legal texts of the Communist Party and the State, and mechanisms and policies of the banking sector to the public. The SBV Website has been becoming an effective and useful channel of information on monetary and banking operations, thus contributing to disseminating knowledge, providing orientation and bringing about the full support of the society for banking operations, stabilizing the psychology of the people and investors from within and without in light of the movements of the domestic and world economy. The SBV Website is the SBV official channel of information on monetary policy and banking operations, published in Vietnamese and English, in timely service of domestic and foreign readers. Over the past years, the SBV Website has effectively been disseminating macro-economic policies, especially the interest rate subsidy policy in order to proactively prevent economic slowdown, stabilize macroeconomy, and ensure social protection, thereby positively contributing to the successful implementation of the tasks of the banking sector in particular and the national socio-economic development in general.  I would like avail myself of this opportunity to commend the achivements of the SBV Website over the past years.

The fulfillment of the upgrading project and the opening of the Website’s new interface show the enormous efforts and determination of the SBV Office, the Website’s Editorial Board and the relevant entities in order to gradually improve and develop the SBV Website, hence meeting the higher and higher requirement of information and communication of monetary and banking operations in the new circumstances. This is also a favorable condition for the Editorial Board to further renovate the collecting and updating of information on  monetary and banking operations, and to make the information speedy, accurate, timely and effective.

I do hope that in the coming time, the SBV Website will continue to bring into full play its obtained achievements, and to make more proactive and creative efforts to be worthy of an information bridge between the central bank and the public, thereby meeting the expectation of domestic and international readers who are interested in the SBV as well as banking operations in the economy.
Best regards,

                          Nguyen Van Giau

                                                    Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam

                                                                                               Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam


  • VietinBank


    Address: 108 Tran Hung Dao St., Hoan Kiem Dist


    Phone: 3942 1158/ 3942 1030

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