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Dai Lai lake - ideal destination for weekend

Dai Lai Lake is situated at the foot of Tam Dao Mountain in Phuc Yen District, 50km from Hanoi, surrounded by a mild climate and offers romantic an ideal tourist attraction for everyone

Dai Lai is located at Ngoc Thanh and Cao Minh vilage, Phuc Yen district. Going to Dai Lai lake, you just go along 2 national highway from Hanoi for nearly 1 hour and then turn right, go along paved concrete road to Xuan Hoa town where is near the lake. This is an ideal place for everyone to relax at the weekend especially for Hanoicians after hard working days in crowded Hanoi.

Dai Lai Lake is an artificially created lake with over 500ha. The lake still keep natural valleys and characteristics of midland, valleys and narrows to form islands on the lake. Therefore, the lake does not bring tourists the feeling that the lake is too large and people are very small to the place.

The weather at Tam Dao is rather stable, it is cooler at summer and warmer at winter in comparison with Hanoi. Lake attracts tourists with its wild beauty, the water surface is like a mirror reflecting off the clouds and blue sky. The complex network of lake, mountains and forests allows Dai Lai to enjoy cool weather to accommodate tourists in the best possible conditions. There are not many animals at Tam dao except for some species: monkey, boar, deer, weasel, squirrel, porcupine, python, snake and several bird species under protection. Dai Lai is designed according to international style with golf yard, villas, business centre. This is a good place for entertainments, sport activities, weekend relaxing..... for the domestics and international tourists.

For the people who want to climb the mountain, you can go to north, across Nhe mountain pass, go to Thai Nguyen area or turn to Mo Qua mountain to climb the very high cliff. From the height, you can see Xa Huong bay, Lang Ham bay, Gia Khau bay.... Due to the fresh of the air, lake and wind from all the sides of the lake, tourists can feel comfortable - a feeling that you have rare chance to experience at city. Besides, tourists can walk at Ngoc Thanh forest where there many kinds of fauna and flora.

Recent years, many kinds of precious birds have suddenly gathered at Dai Lai, this is the good signal that Dai Lai is a fresh and good environment for fauna and flora. Many foreign businessmen are doing research survey and many projects have been evaluated and issued with licenses. In a near future, Dai Lai shall be an attractive area for recreation sports weekend holidays visit and sightseeing to local and international tourists

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