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Beaches and wildlife in central coast attract tourists

Son Tra Peninsula, approximately 10km from downtown Da Nang, is a favoured destination for domestic and international tourists in the summer holidays, with pristine, sunny beaches and varied natural sites to draw in wildlife watchers and adventurers.

Nguyen Ngoc Hiep, who designed the tour, said tourists have 2 attentive choices for touring round the peninsula in a single day at a worth of VND450,000  (US$20) per person. The peninsula takes 10-minute bus drive from Da Nang in the morning, when traffic is quiet. the primary stop is that the prime of the Vong Canh Hills, 693m higher than ocean level, where tourists see overview of the city, the Hai Van Pass, and Da Nang Bay, yet as visit a radar station and heliport, draw-tourist. "We have to be compelled to divide guests into groups of six or eight when trekking within the jungles, the target is that the langurs sense danger when the tourists make noise," Hiep said. "The trek route is just 1km, however tourists should move slowly, taking forty five minutes. every team is allowed to remain watching the endangered langurs for fifteen minutes."   

The langurs also can be seen from a variety of 30m within the morning after they forage for food, and travellers are given binoculars. "The primates typically take advantage of leaves and fruit in jungles, thus it implies that we only will see them once in a day," Hiep said. The next drive takes travellers to the eco-tourism site of Truong Mai, where they'll eat lunch in an exceedingly stilt-house. "Tourists are able to prepare a ready menu from a hotel or order hot dishes at the resort," said guide Khanh Lai. "The cook can prepare a fast lunch with grilled chicken or pork within the native style that most tourists like because they get a way of one thing they've never experienced."   

In the afternoon, they can visit to Linh Ung Pagoda, the house of the country's highest Buddha statue at 65m from the highest of a mountain. The last stop of the day is My Khe Beach, the city's most stunning, with long white sandy beaches, diving, fishing and sailing, and a blue ocean at sunset. Boats will take travellers to Hon Nghe Islet, where the waters have plentiful exotic fish and coral. "Tourists can catch snails and walk round the wild islet," said Nguyen Hong Tuan, a freelance guide. Tourists are given life-jackets, fishing rods and snorkeling gear for fishing and exploring the coral reefs. "We advise tourist to wear a snorkel whereas fishing because they'll see the colorful coral reefs and fish taking the bait through the snorkeling mask," Tuan explained. "We are compelled to set oysters as bait because they're a favorite for grouper or red snapper. A BBQ party will then be served on the islet, and tourists  can grill their own fish, squid, crabs and snails on charcoal stoves."

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