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Con Dao Island - The island paradise in Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Seeing through a map, Con Dao Island looks like a bear rising from the ocean to southeast Vietnam. Originally a jail for patriots and revolutionists throughout the French and American resistance, Con Dao Island sheltered brave revolutionary spirits of the Vietnamese. Over 22,000 prisoners who devoted their lives to national independence were incarcerated on the isolated island of Con Dao.

Con Dao was recognized as a nature reserve in 1984 and a national park in 1993. The whole protected space of the park is 20,000ha, containing 14,000ha of sea and 6,000ha of forest on 14 islands. There's additionally a buffer zone that's 20,500ha wide. Con Dao National Park includes oceanic and coastal ecosystems like mangrove forests, coral reefs and ocean grasslands. More than 1,300 species of sea animals have been identified here. The park is the most significant egg-laying space in Vietnam for sea turtles. The island additionally has several precious animals, the most necessary being dugong (called “sea cows” by locals). Between late 1996 and early 1997, officers at the park counted ten dugong in the sea surrounding the island. With high oceanic biodiversity, Con Dao is classed as one of the places given optimum priority within the world's system of oceanic conservation.

The best time to go to Con Dao Island is from March to June, when the sea is quite. A number of those beaches consist of Dam Trau, droop Duong and Phi Yen where guests will relax and enjoy the warm temperature. The ocean around Con Dao Island is considered as a heaven for ocean life and the splendid forest cloaks in the land. This can be ecotourism at its best. Clean, smooth sand banks, blue sea, dolphins jumping and racing after boats, tropical almond trees swinging in a very cool ocean breeze, calm narrow roads, and forest covering most of the island, create Con Dao look like a heaven to guests from far and wide.


Con Dao is one of some places in Vietnam that's home to rare dugong, ocean turtles, dolphins and forms of orchids found nowhere else in the country. Moreover, the island has massive and various coral reefs equivalent to the most well-known ecotourism spots in the region. This peaceful island district has 5,000 people whose nature looks to possess created with kind hearted and generous characters and adventurous enough to select on the remote island as their home. Guests will arrive there to enjoy themselves in a ristine natural surroundings and have a good time with dugong, sea turtles and dolphins taking part in freely round the island paradise.

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