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Da Bia Mountain - An Attracting Place In Phu Yen

Situated on the range of Deo Ca Pass, at the coordinate of 12055’ Degree North and 109023’32” Degree East.

Da Bia Mountain’s elevation is 706 metres, belonging to the southern a part of Tuy hoa district, on its east is Hon Ba Mountain that is near the sea, its western foot is on National Highway 1A, to the north it connect with Dong Son Mountain, its southern foot faces Vung Ro Bay. Another name of Da Bia Mountain is Thach Bi Son, there's a legend related to the current mountain’s name: After defeating Cha Ban Citadel, in the second year of Hong Duc King (1471) , Le Thanh Ton King ordered his troopers to cross Cu Mong Pass and on the approach heading to Deo Ca Pass, the King created his stop here, on this occasion he had an article carved on the rock as a tombstone.

Being grateful to the King, Phu Yen people constructed his Temple in Long Xuyen hamlet (now An Dan commune, Tuy An district). In 1881, the 34th year of Tu Duc King, Phu Yen provincial Governor Dinh Nho Quang wrote this couplet hang in the Temple:

“In opening new lands, our fathers recognized Hong Duc King’s contribution

In memorizing that land, his fame continues to be there on Thach Bi Son Mountain”

Da Bia is the highest mountain in the religion of Deo Ca Pass. In the early morning or late afternoon it's usually surrounded by clouds, generally seem and generally disappear. Now, Phu Yen province has invested in building a 2,2 kilometres – long road for walking to the highest of the mountain. On its top, tourists will get pleasure from the full scenery of Vung Ro Bay, Deo Ca Pass, the Bien Ho Lake (Hoa Xuan Nam commune); Bai Bang Beach, Bai Goc Beach (Hoa Tam commune) and can be a lot of unwilling to part this place when knowing that Da Bia Mountain has several a time witnessed the ups and downs of the country’s history.

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