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Luc Yen is famous for gem market

Gems are kinds of the merchandise displayed in groups on the table. Gems are possibly operated or being original. However, styles of gem all look bright.

Luc Yen gem market is opened at a good looking corner of a lake in Yen The town. The market works in only many hours in the morning. Belongs to the reasons and weather, the market will be taken place sooner or later, however there are sellers in the market at about 6.30.  They slowly organize their stalls that are not sophisticated and simple. The market consists of 30-40 stalls, all sellers are women who took part in the market since its establishment.

Luc Yen Gem Market

Luc Yen is the unique place in the country where there's gem image creating career. Coming here, people will have an opportunity to get the gem image creating career as well as contemplating the specious picurest that cost hundreds of millions VND. Gems are kinds of the merchandise displayed in groups on the table. Gems are possibly operated or being original. However, styles of gem all look bright. According to the sellers, gems are collected from people who have already gone to the mountains; if it is a free time, craftsmen can operate the gems to form pendants of rings, necklaces, earrings, etc… Gems also are used as materials for creating gem image, that are sold in the unit of kilogram or gram.

Luc Yen Gem Market

Each of blue, red, purple, yellow, white, black gems having completely different sizes and shapes is supervised and regarded by the purchasers who are  
conversant with gem. The costs are announced basing on the sort of gem which may be 10 thousands, hundreds of  thousand or 10,000,000 dong. However, the succession of transaction is set by the bargaining method. Besides gem traders and manufacturers are seeking for materials, there are many folks who have heard about the gem market then return to the present to ascertain and to shop for some products for the souvenirs. After 2 to 3 hours, the market is closed. According to the sellers, in several days, there will be transaction costing tens, hundreds of millions dong or just many millions. The owner of a gem stall in Luc Yen market said that each early morning, many native residents visited the forest, walked along the stream, picked up every gem. After a long time, the gem became rare therefore people had to come to the caves to collect it.

Nowadays, people look it for hard to hunt for gem in the cave; several of them should use machines to dig deeply on the mountains after washing the soil for gem.

Luc Yen Gem Market

If people discover original sapphire, ruby gems (which are huge, clear, right color, not cracked), they will sell them with the worth of many hundred millions dong. However, they typically get the colour gems as well as ruby, sapphire that have lower quality, being crushed and tiny, used for creating image.
To get the appropriate color gems (especially black gems for drawing hair, blue ones for illustrating the colour of water), they have to wander on the  
mountains in a month. For directly seeing the gem exploiting fields, it takes regarding half-hour riding motorcycle. Different from gold field, the gem fields locates scattered over the mountains and forests. The native residents freely exploit the gem, that’s why there's a gem market that is aso supplying source for the gem picture creating career. The guests can also collect the gem themselves.  

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