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Mui Ne - Famous resort of the coastal province of Binh Thuan

Mui Ne, away 22km from north-east of Phan Thiet City, the name of a fishing village and is also well-known resort of the coastal province of Binh Thuan.

Along the Highway 706 from Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne stands by a range of hills with green trees, coconut forests and golden sand beaches. Deep-blue, clear waters and sleek beaches are ideal for people who wish to sunbath or go swimming. One of the most spectacular sights for tourists who travel to Mui Ne is the lines of green coconut trees along the curved long beach. There are extremely high trunks of coconut trees bending to the seashore and carve the area with a beautiful image that reflects their endless vitality in spite of storms, rain, sun and time.

Especially, Mui Ne exists a sand dune, a famous landscape has become an idea for photographers. This is a symbol and enticing image of Binh Thuan Province. The honey-like yellow daylight in conjunction with cool wind carries the salty flavour of the ocean. People who return there'll have an opportunity to get pleasure from unchangeable moments when viewing and discovering the wild and charming beauty of sand.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne also contains neglected beaches with imposing scenery and clean surroundings like Ong Dia Beach, Truoc Beach and Sau Beach. Adjacent to Mui Ne in the north is Doi Duong Beach running 10km and sloping gently to the clear and blue waters. In west of Doi Duong Beach, Fairyland Hill looks like a gift of the heaven with significantly enticing natural beauty.

The land is the same as lipstick with strange shapes. The red color of the land and the blue color of the waters look as if they have mixed themselves together, making a harmonious side, each way and close to and both real and unreal.

There are several stunning landscapes within the Mui Ne like Rom Islet, Fairy Spring, Ong Hoang Storey and Poshanu Cham Tower. Along beaches are tourism villages, hotels, villas and sports and entertainment sectors where tourists are able to go swimming, fishing, play golf, get pleasure from the view of the daylight on sand dune or catch cuttle-fish within the ocean.

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