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Po Rome Tower Ninh Thuan made from brick of the Cham

The whole construction consists of 2 towers: the main tower worshipping Po Rome King – one of the kings who sacrificed for Cham people and the second tower worshipping the Queen.

Po Rome Tower – The Last Tower Made from Brick of the Cham

Po Rome Tower of Hau Sanh village, Phuoc Huu commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province, considered the imperfect copy of Poklongarai 
Tower. The whole construction consists of 2 towers: the main tower worshipping Po Rome King – one of  the kings who sacrificed for Cham people and the second tower worshipping the Queen.At present, the Cham people regularly supplement rituals for the tower in their festivals and ceremonies.
The tower is approximately 8m high, the bottom is almost 8m wide, and the inside statue of Po Rome King is estimated 1.2m. Besides the king statue, there's a half- body statue of a woman that the Cham calls statue of Po Bia Sancan Queen, is approximately 0.75m high. The outside statue of Sucih Queen stands the tower.

The main aspect of the tower faces the East. The tower has 3 floors constructed primarily based on the traditional pattern. On every floor, there are four corner towers; the shape of fireplace presents on four corners. The highest of every corner tower is adorned by a rocky lotus bud. In every fake cavity, there's the image of a god sitting and clasping hands in praying posture. In the corner of the tower’s entrance, there's the statue of God of Nadin cow carved from a black stone. The construction was behind the tower is the place to worship the queen. The tomb of Po Rome King is incredibly near this sub-construction, being the burial place was chosen by Po Rome King himself. About the architectural kind, Po Rome is the last tower of the Cham that is created from brick and additionally the last huge tower of Champa kingdom. Despite of being big tower architecture, Po Rome Tower’s size and shape are a lot of coarser and poorer than the older remaining towers’.  However, the tower isn't so elegant and complex as the older ones, it's nice and majestic brick design of the Cham that is strongly valuable in architecture art. Currently, Po Rome Tower has solely the key tower, the sub-tower has destroyed.

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