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Tall pine trees and grilled frogs - Mang Deng exploration

Located over 1,000m higher than sea level, Mang Deng Commune in Kon Tum Province is home to such hill tribes as the Sedan, Hre, MNong and Cadong. In the language of the Sedan, Mang Deng, it means aœplanea.

Mang Deng is commonly remarked as aœthe Dalat of Kon Tum because of the forests there are dense and nature as abundant as round the Central Highlands resort town of Dalat. The common temperature also hovers around 20C like in Dalat.

The commune is typical of the highlands region thanks to its several rare animals, its lush vegetation and its spectacular waterfalls. Mang Deng still has a few areas into that hardly anyone has ever set foot.

It fells dedicated to walking on the shining, soft carpet of thousands of fallen pine leaves beneath the trees, whose tops towered highly, and to breathe in the forests freshness.

Kon Plong has also understood the advantage of the relaxing effect of nature on tourists and commenced to set up ecological tourist sectors like Suoi Da and Dakke Waterfall and Lake.

Passing fields of wheat, banana together with rice paddy planted by the locals, it took us twenty minutes to travel to the 30m high waterfall, Pasi Waterfall in a forest, some 6km from the centre of Mang Deng.

Lush vegetation climbing up from the foot to the highest of the waterfall makes for a splendidly mysterious image. What is additional, teams of lovely orchids grow round the waterfall.

The Sedan farmers by letting several buffalos step on the soil. Though infrastructure in the region is basic and desires additional investment, visiting Mang Deng is also an another valuable trip.

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