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The Floating Village of Kenh Ga

Kenh Ga with a system of natural rivers snaking along the limestone mountain range. Visiting Kenh Ga you'll not only admire the nature's beauty, but also witness the tranquil life on the river of the native residents. Visitors visit Kenh Ga by boat.

Kenh Ga Fishing Village: Lying on the banks of the Hoang Long River, Kenh Ga is an exceptional place, not only because it's surrounded by constant huge rocks that dominate Hoa Lu, but also because of  many of the year the complete community lives on the water itself. The floating village of Kenh Ga receives relatively few guests compared to nearby Hoa Lu and therefore the peoples' aquatic manner of life has changed a little over the centuries.

The primary reason for its lack of visitors that the village is only accessible by boat. Gliding along the river and canals, weaving one's manner through the boathouses and fishing vessels of Kenh Ga may be a distinctive expertise for there's no different place in Vietnam that mixes the beautiful backdrop of the limestone cliffs with an authentic floating village.

The village of Kenh Ga (Chicken Canal) gets its name apparently from the amount of untamed chickens that used to live in the religion. It's basically a floating village on the Hoang Long River, with simply some permanent buildings on the riverbanks. Regarding the soley different place in Vietnam where you'll see something when this is in the Mekong Delta. On the other hand, nowhere within the Mekong Delta can you discover a surprising mountain backdrop just like the one at Kenh Ga. Another difference: People in Kenh Ga row boats with their feet.

It's a pretty sector, and one of  the most effective places in northern Vietnam to ascertain river life. People here appear to pay most of their lives floating on water: at their floating fish-breeding pens, harvesting river grass to feed the fish, trawling in the muddy shallows for shellfish or selling veggies boat-to-boat.

Even the youngsters commute to high school by boat.

From the pier you are able to rent a motorboat to require you for an hour or therefore touring round the village for 40,000d per person. The boat journeys are organised through the native authority tourism agency and they've managed to stay the operation comparatively low-key and hassle-free. How much longer can it last?

The local people are every friendly. The children gleefully shout "tay oi" (Westerner) at each tourist they see, even Vietnamese tourists! Hoa Lu is a very little valley surrounded by ranges of towering limestone mountains. The strategic terrain might have created Hoa Lu to be the capital town of Vietnam in the tenth centure beneath King Dinh Tien Hoang. Visiting Hoa Lu, we will enjoy a walking tour of the two temples dedicated to the two royal families of Vietnam of the time and revel in the green countryside with majestic beauty.

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