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Turning Back The Past In Bich Dong Cave

With the country’s second most beautiful cave, Bich Dong Temple in Hoa Lu Commune, Ninh Binh Province is necessary for tourists to the religion located two hundred kilometres to the southeast of Hanoi.

The first Bich Dong temple

The temple was built on a limestone mountain that was formed millions of years ago and it was given a name in  the eighteenth century when the attractive white limestone which only exists in the religion. The whole construction comprised of 3 little temples with the primary at the foot of the mountain, the second at the doorway of Bich Dong cave and the third, also the smallest, on prime of the mountain, viewing the complete beautiful green valley below.

All 3 temples are made of rare wood, with tiles just like the tail of a phoenix or the blade of the traditional weapon, seeing the development come back to life. From a distance, the temple looks like a wood boat floating on the river. The temple was built the 18th century by 2 monks who admired the peaceful and seductive landscape and determined to remain and build the temple for Buddhists worship and pray for the prosperity of the country. From the foot of the mountain, tourists are compelled to climb dozens of stone stairs to induce to the cave’s entrance, and the second temple. However, so as to get to the third temple, tourists have are compelled to cross the cave. Inside the cave is a bronze bell created 3 centuries ago by the founders and the worship place of Buddha and the 3 gods in ancient belief.

In spite of going through a lot of reconstruction, the attractive temples and cave build it a destination that everybody should visit once during a lifetime.

A stone lion guards the second Bich Dong temple

The third Bich Dong temple, also the smallest, on the top of the mountain - Photos: Pham Thai

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