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Yok Don National Park - An ancient tropical forest

Located about 40km from the city of Buon Ma Thuot in the Central Highlands, the Yok Don National Park is an old tropical forest which covers over 100,000 hectares.

The butterfly-shape park is split by the Serepok River, supplying a worthy food source for the wide selection of tropical flora and fauna species, together with elephants.

At the doorway of the Yok Don Park’s tourist space, you'll see giant cement statues of elephants. In a short time, 5 wild elephants were moved into this park from the Tanh Linh forest in central Vietnam.

Yok Don National ParkDividing a border with Cambodia on the west, the Yok Don National Park was established in 1992 and contains 2 forestry farms as well as the Yok Don natural forest. Vietnamese and foreign forestry researchers are looking for requirement to conserve the natural forests at Yok Don, which has a forest coverage of some 85 percent - the highest rate in Vietnam''s Central Highlands.

Recently, scientists from BirdLife International and the Vietnam Ecological and Biological Natural Resource Institute found a red-headed crane at Yok Don. The bird is listed as an endangered specie that sometimes migrates to Vietnam''s Mekong Delta from Cambodia and southern Laos. Another critically endangered bird, the Ibis was found by scientists in their bio-diversity survey. The Ibis was thought to be extinct in Vietnam since it was finally seen in 1931 by a French environmentalist.

Making its rich natural resources, the Yok Don National Park is outlined by the Vietnamese Government as one of two zones underneath the Bio-diversity Comprehensive Plan of Action. It'll be the most sustainable natural reserve in Vietnam.

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