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Tien Phi Cave in Hoa Binh

Tien Phi Cave in Hoa Binh province is locaed in the complex of Hoa Binh township. It is on the same tourism route with Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant and becomes the attractive destination for tourists.

Travelling to Hoa Binh Dam, tourists for Vietnam travel guide aso should never miss the opportunity to go to Tien Phi cave on their path to Hoa Binh. The cave lies on Thuc’s hill-top (maybe called in other name Thung Phi).

The entry mouth is incredibly narrow together with a gentle slope. Walking more 10 meters, you will see it due to the high and dry cave top, the atmosphere inside is pretty cool and comfortable. The father you get into the cave, the more excited you may get.

In spite of the rough ground, you can still enjoy the stalactites glittering illusorily. Stalactites jut out in many funny and lively shapes, exciting visitors’ imagination. Much more interestingly, thanks to nature light from the hole on the cave’s roof, those stalactites become extremely spectacular when bright light is shone on them. Right in the middle of the cave is a charity box and an altar for those who want to prayer. This scene is so tranquil that it is like a sacred and mysterious castle among the world of shaped stones.

Walking 10 more meters to your left you will see a dreamy fairy whose hair falls over her shoulders on an iridescent hammock. Besides, you can find many other rocks in the shape of Buddha, Jesus, leopard and lion etc.

With Vietnam guide, visitors are exposed to a wide range of fairy tales with Tien Phi Cave. Natural masterpieces will definitely make such a good impression on visitors that they will never forget the interesting time in this cave.


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