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Pha Long Market - Sapa

Welcome to Pha Long Market in Sapa Vietnam

Pha Long market opened saturday.

Very rural hardly visited market, where you are able to meet ethnic groups that are only found in this specific district of Vietnam, namely Hmong, Nung, Tou Zi, Pa Zi and Tou Lao.

Along the road, in a landscape of mountain peaks, various Nung at Hmong villages. Main traditional houses with baked earth tiled roofs.

Pha Long market, Saturday morning starts from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

It takes 2 hours by road from Lao Cai town (68km) and 3 hours from Sapa 95km

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Elephant Race Festival, Dak Lak

Elephant Race Festival, Dak Lak

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Lao Chai - Tavan Villages in Sapa

Lao Chai - Tavan Villages in Sapa

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