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Hon Dat - Tourist destination in Rach Gia

Located on the west coats of Rach Gia Bay, is 30 kilometers northwest from Rach Gia city. It is near Rach Gia and Tan Hiep district in the east, An Giang province in the north, Kien Luong district in the west, and sea in the southwest.

Hon Dat     
“ Hon Dat” was created by the same name mountain in the district where is well-known for the deeds of arms in the anti – American resistance war. The writer Anh Duc named this mountain for his collection of novels, which was famous one, The terrain of Hon Dat district is a sunken, aluminous, salty field, The land is close to the sea, consolidated with alluvia for several years so Hon Soc, Hon Dat, Hon Me, Hon Queo lie in the mainland, at present. Hon Dat district’s position of strength are argriculture and sea products.

It is far 40 kilometers from Hon Dat to Rach Gia ciy. People mainly go to Hon Dat by car ( it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes ) or go there by motorbike ( it takes about 1 hour ).


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