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Xuong Giang Ancient Citadel

Xuong Giang is the name of the old citadel built by Ming troops in the 15th century.

The remains there show that the citadel has a rectangular shape, the length from the east to the west is about 600m, the width from the north to the south about 450m. The whole area is about 27ha. The walls are made from earth. It has 4 forts at four corners, and wide ditches. Its four main gates are open to the west. This was the place where Lam Son insurgents; attack on September 28th, 1427, the battle against supporting troops on November 3, 1427 took place. In reference to this battle, Le Quy Don stated that: Since Tran Dynasty to that time, apart from the arrest of Tich Le Co, O Ma Nhi, there had never been such a great triumph over the North invaders in our country (according to the Great History of the Great Viet).

In order to celebrate the victory of Lam Son insurgents in Xuong Giang, every year Bac Giang holds a festival for two days on the 6th and 7th days of the first lunar month.

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