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Attractive tourist beaches in Vietnam

Some beaches in Vietnam are enrolled in Forbers’ and CNN Go’s lists of the most beautiful beaches in the region, contains An Bang, Sao (Star), Bai Lu and Quan Lan.

1. An Bang beach

Lying on 3km from the ancient city of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam, An Bang has been listed among the world’s 50 best beaches by CNN Go. This pristine beach is very peaceful and poetic together with soft sand dunes and gentle waves lap on the shore.

An Bang is attracting more and more tourists with Vietnam guide and a number of Western-style restaurants have mushroomed along the beach. Visitors can taste the local seafood and other specialties in open-air restaurants and enjoy the relaxing environment right on the beach.

Tourists travel to Vietnam can easily reach An Bang beach from Hoi An by motorbike or car.

2. Sao (Star) beach

Sao beach, which is named in Forbers’ list of the best beaches, is on Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang. Visitors to Sao beach will be surprised at the lush green carpet of wild plants that create a peaceful and fresh environment.

From the beach, tourists can also visit Dinh Cau Palace built in 1973 in an architectural style, as well as Sung Hung pagoda and the historic Phu Quoc jail.

In addition to the delicious seafood, visitors can sample local delecacies, including the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce.

Motorbikes or cars can also be rented to explore the surrounding area.

3. Bai Lu beach

Nghe An is known for its popular Cua Lo beach but few people know about beautiful Bai Lu beach in Nghi Loc district.

About 4km from National Highway 1A, mysterious Bai Lu beach is surround by mountains and fir trees leading down to the peaceful, clear blue water. Visitors to Bai Lu resort can offer incense at the temples of Son Than (the mountain god) and Thanh Mau (the holy mother).

4. Quan Lan beach

Tranquil, white sand Quan Lan beach is about 45km from Ha Long city in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

Quan Lan beach is considered as a pristine beauty and unspoiled environment. Tourists with Vietnam culture travel love this beach for its natural charm, deep blue water, strong waves and kilometers of pure white sand. Visitors stay at Quan Lan will have the chance to relax on this fascinating beach and enjoy many local specialties.

The tourists desire to contemplate many sightseeings, they can travel by car or taxi to Cai Rong port and take a cruise to Quan Lan Island for VND100,000. Two cruises go from Cai Rong to Quan Lan daily at 8am and 2pm.

Source: VOV


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