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The Doi Mount beauty

We know that the legend forever remains as a legend. But when contemplating Doi Mount. Although nobody listened to a story about fairy’s source of the milk, also were associated with stretching round breasts and sexy of young girl.

With strange shape, re-fitted with full-color story of legend, Quan Ba Doi Mount, which local people are often called Co Tien Mountain, has become one of the important landmark in the journey to Dong Van rock plateau of tourists who travel to Vietnam, is the subject of the appeal to professional photographers.

Basking in its middle a small valley next to Tam Son Mount town, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province, surrounded by high and low plots, were embellished with dark brown houses of colored rock plateau, Double Mount is always fascinating tourists.

Interesting Sightseeing

The best time to admire the wonderful scenery of Double Mount is in the spring and summer, at which the grass and bushes on the "udder" grass-green fairy, or yellow and brilliant ripe rice crop, on the terraced fields on the Tam Son field.

Until now, Doubt Mount is still beautiful and fascinating, the ethnic groups worshipped, protected it. The legendary story of Tien Co Mount ingrained in their subconscious.

Vietnam guider told that the story was that, in Quan Ba, a handsome Hmong guy sounds of lips that he floated like the sound of streams gurgling, such as birds coo forest, at depth, tormenting as the wind at the middle of the night, just fly away, fly away forever, ringing out the blue sky, infatuating, yielding young girls of mountain area.

There is a fairy named Hoa Dao of heaven, incredibly beautiful. By chance, she listened to the music instrument, had fled down the wind blowing up the earth to find the person who blew those melodies, then she loved the guy and found the way to stay the earth. The marriage human and fairy has completed.  They got married and gave birth a son baby.

When Ngọc Hoàng knew Hoa Đào to fly to earth and get married, he was extremely angry and required to arrest her. She loved her husband and a son, she had left her breasts under the earth to feed her son.

Her breast more and more grew, later it turned into two rounded, regularly breast-shaped mountain. The two mountains called Doi Mount or Co Tien Mount.

Unique Doi Mount

Legend, thanks to her land of milk that the climate is cool, peaches, plums, pears, ... (The products of Quan Ba district) have incredibly delicious taste, vegetables are always fresh green; rice and corn are always heavy. Her tears cried her husband and son, turned into green Mien River, which surrounds the rugger rock mountain.

We know that the legend forever remains as a legend, but when standing on the top of Tam Son pass to contemplate Doi Mount. Although nobody listened to a story about fairy’s source of the milk, also were associated with stretching round breasts and sexy of young girl.

Charming and hard to resist of Doi Mount together with the geological value and wonderful nature, in 2010, the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism recognized Doi Mount as national landscape. Along with global geological park of Dong Van rock Plateau, Doi Mount becomes a symbol, an attractive destination and the importance of this unique mountain area.

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