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Tourist attraction in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, is part of Kien Giang Province with clear beaches, white sand, smooth sea, Phu Quoc will bring you comfortably relaxing moments.

With clear beaches, white sand, smooth sea, Phu Quoc to travel to Vietnam will bring you comfortably relaxing moments. After bare feet go on the sand, frolic at the sea. You can see the sunset, share desires. In the afternoon, you can have dinner in the hotel with candle and floated music that will make your trip more enjoyable.

Besides, you can visit pearl-transplanted base, fish sauce factory, Ham Ninh ancient fishing village, Khu Tuong pepper garden, Nguyen Trung Truc national hero temple, Phu Quoc prison or bathe in Da Ban streams ... If you do not like to take the tour schedule availably, and you can hire motorbike and design tour for your own. The sudden break will give you unforgettable memories.

If designing tour, there are two options to get island. You can go by car from Ho Chi Minh City to Kien Giang, and then go hydrofoil to the island (about half a daytime), The second way, flying from Saigon to the island (40 minutes). Prices at this hotel and resort range from several hundred to several million. After arriving, you can hire motorcycles to visit the island.

About eating, the costs of the restaurants here is very high and do not get seafood processing that you buy. If accounting the package, you can buy additional one pot and a small gas stove in the island markets for seafood processing. The price will be much cheaper.

Tip: You have Vietnam travel guide to join Phu Quoc tours in 3 days by airplane and at 3-star hotel, cost about 7.39 million VND / 2 (from HCM city).

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