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Making Unicorn and lion heads for Mid-Autumn festival in Hue city

Vietnamese people, especially children are very interested in Mid- Autumn festival, and for people making unicorn and lion heads in Hue city, this will be very busy time.

Making Unicorn and lion heads for Mid-Autumn festival in Hue city

If you are in Vietnam travel on this special occasion, don’t forget to join Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam and enjoy Moon Cake, see children playing cheerfully with lanterns and toys. In addition, it will be an excited experience if you can see people making unicorn and lion heads in Hue city.

Unicorn head makers on Le Duan Street, Hue City are very busy. Each enterprise produces nearly 1,000 unicorn and lion heads a day.

 Folding paper and making frames are the first tasks

Children also take part in the manufacturing of unicorn and lion heads, including lining paper inside the frame…

…or painting the inside layer of the heads…

…painting the outside layer 

Healthy men are responsible for making the eyes

Makers are having a good time making the “specialty” for the Mid-autumn Festival

The artisan putting the finishing decorative touches to the product 

Unicorn and lion heads can be sold all year round to serve for performances for restaurant inaugurations and weddings

A large number of Earth God masks are also produced for the festival 

Colourful unicorn and lion heads are being hung ready for sale

Thanks to improving designs, over the past few years, locally-made unicorn and lion heads can compete with those imported from China. Prices are affordable with VND 40,000 for each small product and VND 500,000 for each large one

The first customers

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