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Cosmic Train Wreck

A galactic collision sparked a powerful "explosion" of star formation that until now had been hidden from view by a cloak of dense gases, as seen in a NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope picture released last week.

Known as II Zw 096, the object  was once a merging pair of pinwheel-shaped galaxies, but the act of colliding has ripped one of the spirals to shreds. As the galaxies merge, giant clouds of gas inside them pass through each other, forming dense pockets of matter that collapse into new stars.

The burst of star formation (red blob at center) seen by Spitzer's infrared eye spans just 700 light-years. Based on its brightness, astronomers think the region is cranking out a hundred times the sun's mass in new stars each year.

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Nature & Adventure

The beauty of lotus at West Lake

The beauty of lotus at West Lake

There are many beautiful flowers in Hanoi. However, the lotus leaves the deepest impression. When the lotus blooms, many people, especially the youth, go to West Lake to enjoy the healthy atmosphere and to escape the noise and dust of the city.<br>