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City Life in the 21st Century Vietnam

All Vietnam’s city centre, and particularly Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, can be nearly unrecognizable to somebody returning to the country after a five yr or extra absence.

Some changes in city centre could be immediately obvious....... 

More variety

The jumble of open retailers spreading over the broken pavements, warfare-damaged buildings shored up or in ruins, and poky Vietnamese cafés and ‘bia hoes’ have all however disappeared. Of their place are sensible new Western-type shop fronts displaying international products, chic boutiques, supermarkets, neatly paved walkways, and restaurants and bars providing a huge vary of menus from all around the world. 

Fin de siecle for the ‘cyclo’

In each cities, the famous Vietnamese ‘cyclo’, or bicycle taxi, ubiquitous in 1995, are dwindling to become tourist attractions, elbowed apart by the cheaper and faster ‘xe Om’ (bike taxi), and barred from predominant streets as a visitors hazard.  

From bicycles to motorbikes to cars

Our imaginary customer would even be stunned by the traffic - not a lot the quantity (Vietnamese city visitors has all the time been busy), however by the number of motorbikes, buses and cars. In 1998, bicycles outnumbered motorbikes by not less than a factor of ten. Today, the positions are reversed. The growth in bike possession has been exponential to the extent that native authorities are limiting registrations, and even stopping them altogether within the giant cities.

Car possession can also be starting to rise. Sales doubled last year, and luxurious manufacturers similar to Mercedes, Lexus and BMW have gotten commonplace on city streets.  

Public transport

The battered previous buses, constructed on lorry chassis, belching smoke, and picking up passengers wherever they appeared, at the moment are an endangered species. Most have been replaced by massive fleets of spruce new automobiles painted in vivid colours and stopping at common bus stops. 

Ridiculously cheap fares, clean snug seats, and frequent services have made them highly regarded - both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are rapidly increasing their fleets to ease visitor’s congestion. 

The air providers are increasing quickly - Vietnam Airways is now a totally-fledged international provider with a rising repute for top of the range and an excellent safety record. 

Our imaginary visitor would really feel extra at house on the railways - though the trains are faster, it nonetheless takes thirty hours to journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, and the meals remains to be awful! 


Supermarkets are already starting to eat right into a client market beforehand dominated by a multitude of small shops. Roads are being re-laid, with new drains, pavements and ‘motorcycle-pleasant’ curbs. City authorities are starting to experiment with turning some roads into pedestrian-solely areas.  

The decline of the street merchants

Our imaginary customer would soon discover that the variety of girls wearing a conical straw hat and carrying goods in baskets hung from a bamboo pole has dropped, and that there are far fewer pavement cafes. Confronted with a state of affairs of pedestrians being compelled to walk within the road by parked motorbikes, avenue trading and different actions, the police drive is now starting to enforce an extended-standing (and long-ignored) regulation prohibiting blocking the pavement in some urban areas.  

.....however some things by no means change! 

What are visitor’s rules, anyway?

Our visitor, confused by the shock of the new, would begin to really feel more at home upon noticing that loads of Vietnamese people nonetheless wander throughout the street without wanting and trip their bicycles on the mistaken aspect of the street (Vietnamese pedestrians and cyclists continue to consider that they are exempt from each site visitors rules and using their common-sense). 

Extra noise than ever

The noise would offer additional reassurance. Although bicycle bells and the thunder of antiquated Lorries and buses have been transformed right into a cacophony of motorcycle and automotive horns, the streets remain a comforting bedlam. 

Enterprise as traditional

Vietnam has at all times been a nation of traders. The venues and technique of commerce may be unrecognizable to our customer, however the activity itself is as distinguished as ever - in offices, shops, on the streets - wherever a deal might be struck. Computers could have outdated the abacus, and bank cards could also be starting to substitute exhausting cash, but negotiation, barter, bargaining and haggling remains to be a means of life all through the country

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