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Tuan Chau Tourist Resort

Address: Tuan Chau, Halong City, Quang Ninh provine, Vietnam

Tuan Chau Tourist Resort overview


Location:Tuan Chau Tourist Resort was newly built on a location 8km from the centre of Halong City
Characteristics:It stretches for 220ha and built of gradual hills. A 2-km cement road connects the island with the mainland. Many constructions in Tuan Chau are underway.


From the entrance you will pass a cluster of hills. Investors are accelerating the flattening of this site to build a villa complex whose infrastructure is expected to meet international standards. Further on you will come to a gastronomical street composed of 5 restaurants and round-shaped houses modeled after the royal architecture. They can serve 500 customers at a time with Asian and European and Vietnamese dishes cooked by famous domestic and foreign cooks. Restaurant staff is dressed in traditional costume. In the centre you will be stunned by the club where there are performances of dolphin, seal and sea lion fashioned after the Sydney Theatre in Australia and enjoy the Tuan Chau water music park.

Tuan Chau Beach with 3km of sand carpet will bring you great comfort while swimming in the turquoise water. Close by the beach is a 50-room international standard villa complex which will bring you great moments of relaxation. You can also participate in water sports such as high-speed motorboat, parachute-pulled canoe, water skiing, rowing or go fishing, tour around Halong Bay on balloon or other activities such as mountain climbing or camping

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