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Hoa Lu Fine Art & Handicraft Co.

Address: 19 Dang Dung St., Ba Dinh Dist

Phone: 3733 7319

Fax: 3733 7364



Hoa Lu Fine Art & Handicraft Co. overview

Hoa Lu Fine Art & Handicraft company is one of the Vietnamese leading companies specializing in designing, trading, exporting and producing fine art and handicraft products, souvenir items and presents from natural materials. Hoa Lu company is the destination for the élite from all the Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages and home to all the most famous artisans in every part of our country. The specific characteristic of Hoa Lu is the creativeness basing on traditional art and its distinction is the combination of multi-materials and craftsmen skills in a product.

      Hoa Lu company always can make any design to meet the customers’ demand with the huge of highly experience and professional knowledge management seniors. Hoa Lu has a series of handicraft factories which made by all natural material

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