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Ca mau Travel Guide

Ca Mau is the Southern-most province of Vietnam, having Ca Mau City as its capital. With a total area of 5331.7 km2. The city's population is approximately 181,000 (as of 2008).


Ca Mau city is far 360 km from south-west of Ho Chi Minh City) through National Road 1A or by air (Ca Mau Airport). Ca Mau is divided into 8 urban wards and 7 rural communes.
In general, Vietnam travel guide with Ca Mau has a relatively flat terrain with many fat plains together with a complex system of rivers and channels. There are 7 huge rivers: Ong Doc River, Bay Hap River, Cai Lon River, GanhHao River, Dam Doi River, TremTrem River, anh Bach Nguu River. Beside the area in mainland, Ca Mau also has 2 islands such as Hon Khoai and Hoi Chuoi.

Lying in the tropical climate region of Vietnam, Ca Mau has the typical seasonal winds and a hot yet humid weather. While rain concentrates especially in the period between May and August, there is a relatively small amount of rain on the other months. The annual average precipitation is 2500mm/ year and the annual average temperature is about 26oC - 27oC.

The Vietnam guide with 4 biggest ethnic groups in Ca Mau are Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Khmer and Tay. Along with others groups, they create a total population of 1232 thousand people (2006). Each of these ethnic groups has its very distinctive traditions and customs which contribute to the overall wonderful culture of the province. Coming to Ca Mau means discovering a bountiful land full of natural wonders such as borderless forests, romantic seashores, etc. and human’s cultural heritage such as the floating markets or the like-no-other festivals. As a result, the tourism of Ca Mau has greatly developed recently. One of the most frequently-visitedis the Cape of Ca Mau, the most southern point of Vietnam and Indochina mainland. The Cape of Ca Mau is located in Dat Mui village, Ngoc Hien district, which is more than 100km away from Ca Mau City.

Ca Mau has several attractions that attract domestic and international tourists with Vietnam guider. These include several wild bird parks, the southernmost point in Vietnam (called Mui Ca Mau), and a number of Khmer pagodas. Near Ca Mau is the U Minh area with its famous mangrove forest and swamp cuisine: fish hot pots, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmer cuisine. Ca Mau also has many 1- to 3-star hotel restaurants.

Tourists can visiti Ca Mau with the car, boat or Ca Mau Airport. It is a small airport in Ca Mau Province, the most southern part of Vietnam.

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