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Ho Dynasty Citadel - A World Heritage

UNESCO recognized the Ho Dynasty within the central province of Thanh Hoa as World Cultural Heritage site on June 27.

Situated in 2 communes of Vinh Tien and Vinh Long in Vinh Loc district, the citadel measures 870m by 833m was built 1397.

The citadel’s construction was supervised by the Tran dynasty’s prime mandarin, Ho Quy Ly, who later occupied the citadel when he strongly took the throne in 1400, changing the country’s name from Dai Viet to Dai Ngu.

Ho Quy Ly’s rise to power began the short-lived Ho dynasty and that is why the citadel goes on being referred to the Ho Dynasty Citadel.

Also referred to the Tay Do Citadel, the traditional building is well - known for being strategically located within the position which is able to guarantee it's simply defended. The Citadel is shielded by a mountain range to the north, whereas the Ma River runs to the west and also the Buoi River to the south, making an enormous natural moat.

Unlike several different citadels that were located from bricks, the Ho Dynasty Citadel was built with huge stone slabs from nearby mountains. It options four arched entrances includes east, west, north and south.

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