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Xoan Singing becomes a World Heritage

On November 24, 2011, at the sixth meeting of UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Bali, Indonesia, the dossier of Xoan singing in Phu Tho Province, Vietnam was officially recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in want of urgent protection by UNESCO.

Xoan singing is considered as a folk cultural product of Phú Thọ province. The last purpose of time that Xoan singing is in communal homes of the villages in spring was in 1945. Fortunately, we still had a chance to satisfy singers and instrumentalist who used to sing within the Xoan accompany within the recent days when we conducted to analyze, study on Xoan singing within the late August.

Xoan Singing, Vietnam Tradional Music, Vietnam Music, Music of Vietnam Xoan singing, Vietnam Music, Vietnam ancient Music is said that Xoan singing continues to be engraved within the memory of folk  artists who up to currently will perform it within the communal house whenever having the festival. Previously, the Xoan singing belonged to four villages, An Thái, Thét, Phù Đức and Kim Đái of Hạc Trì district, Phú Thọ province. when the innovation, An Thái village belongs to Phượng Lâu, Việt Trì town, and Thét, Phú Đức and Kim Đái villages belong to Kim Đức, Phù Ninh district, Phú Thọ province. According to folks artists, one of those four villages, the singing kind of Xoan accompany of An Thái village is like  that of Thét village and Phù Đức village is like Kim Đái.

However, it's the distinction of order of repertoire, words and the variety of dancer, etc, that additionally creates the own style  of every village. In 1998, at the side of the institution of the club of Xoan singing in Kim Đức communes and An Thái village, Phượng Lâu commune led to new vitality for Xoan singing. The generation of elderly folks artists within the recent days continually tried their best at hand down off spring compositions within the recent sort of singing within the activity of Club. On the last August eighteenth, People’s Committee of Kim Đức commune opened a festiva of Xoan singing competition to get on my feet the passion and pride of villagers to the special art of the locality. When we are coming back, villagers of every Xoan village were actively practicing and perfecting compositions to be able to find Xoan accompany of every village with the policy of the Department of Culture and knowledge of Phú Phọ province. The concern of authority and enthusiastic contribution of the villagers are excellent news of art of Xoan singing in today’s life. &

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