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Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh market is one of Saigon's most famous landmark. The market has been set up since the French occupation.

The original market was situated on the shores of Ben Nghe river by old fort Gia Dinh. Its proximity to the fort and the river where merchants and soldiers would come was reason for its name (Ben means pier or port and Thanh means fort).

In 1859, when the French invaded Saigon and overtook fort Gia Dinh, Ben Thanh Market was destroyed. It was rebuilt shortly thereafter and remained standing until it was moved to its present location in 1899.

In District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, not far from the main tourist location, Ben Thanh is the largest market in Saigon and one of its major attraction. It sells almost everything - food, clothes, jewellery, live snakes, vehicle spares, medicine, and so on. It's popularity means prices are more expensive than elsewhere, however the experience values it.

Ben Thanh market

Cholon, once the original Saigon, is Ho Chi Minh City's 'Chinatown'. Although the majority of Chinese traders left Vietnam at the end of the war, it's still a major commercial area with several markets.

Vietnam travel guide of the markets always bustles and narrow aisles are a shoppers paradise, providing you're not claustrophobic or not keen on haggling. Ask the price (the vendor will probably use a calculator to show you) and offer around half the amount.

Don't worry about a low bid - stall holders love negotiating and would be up set if you give up too early.

Some of the goods on sale are imported and some are smuggled.

There's a person in somewhere. Many are fakes, so apply common sense - finding a genuine article on the luxury goods stalls would be like picking up a gold bar on the pavement.

If the noise and crowds get to be a bit much, there's a 'food court' in the centre. Dozens of little stalls provide a confusing range of food at near nothing prices. Don't expect for burgers or doughnuts, although - it's basic Vietnamese cuisine only!


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Customs & Habits

The oveview of Dao people in Quang Ninh

The oveview of Dao people in Quang Ninh

Their dwellings are both earthen houses and mixed (half earthen, half on stilts). The Dao believe that in all creatures are souls called hon or vân when a living creature dies.

Language and Literature

Silent Hanoi

Silent Hanoi

The above lines were penned by the Hanoi poet Xuan Dieu, written for one person, whose name is appeared in the poem.

Festivals & Folk-games

"Tò he" - the artful toy in Vietnam

"Tò he" - the artful toy in Vietnam

"Tò he" toys are sculptured figurines fashioned from colored rice dough, that make not only Vietnamese children but also adults feel so interesting...

Art performance

Vietnamese Water Puppet

Vietnamese Water Puppet

Water puppetry is a tradition, appeared in the 11th century CE when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam. Today's Vietnamese water puppetry is a unique art on the ancient Asian puppet tradition.


Dao's traditional costume

Dao's traditional costume

The Dao (pronounced Zao) are the 9th largest ethnic group in Vietnam with a population of just under 500,000.

Architecture & Fine-arts

Admire the famous architecture of Saigon Central Post Office

 Admire the famous architecture of Saigon Central Post Office

Together with the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office is iconic buildings, tourist attractions as much for its architecture as its history.