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Ba Vi - A legendary land

Ba Vi is an impressive limestone mountain vary that is named Lord of Mountains in the Vietnamese spirit in association with the Son Tinh-Thuy Tinh legend, is taken into account one of the foremost potential ecotourism regions in the north. The mountain is endowed with excellent scenery and historical heritages.

The range includes many peaks, of which the most famous is Tan Vien Peak which is 1,281 meters high. The highest mountain in this range is Vua Peak (Emperor Peak), which is 1,296 meters in elevation, and another less famous is Ngoc Hoa Mountain at a height of 1,120 meters.

Once trekking to Ba Vi, tourists will get lost in a legendary land with sky-high mountains, endless greenery, pristine rivers and poetic streams. Amidst the fairy land, some sites suggested for tourists to visit are King Pond, Dreamy Stream, Nga Fall, Tien Sa Lake, Bang Ta primeval forest, Ngoc Thi Hill and Thuan My Hot Mineral Spring.

If you are used to being suffocated with urban life and really want to escape the city, a trip to Ba Vi is an ideal option. Strolling along the winding paths, tourists with Vietnam travel guide are strongly impressed by the peace and tranquility of the land.

Somewhere in the magnificent greenness of heaven and earth, tourists travel to Vietnam can catch sight of stilt houses lurking in the dense forest, some dairy cows slowly grazing grass, immense pine trees, hills and colorful wild flowers quivering in fresh winds.

In the morning, the mountain range is covered in mist and under the sunset, tourists can hear the voices of insects and birdsong. At that time, Ba Vi takes excursionists to a world of dreams and poetry.

For enthusiasts of adventure, conquering the mountain would be an amazing experience. To get to the parks, tourists have to cross a path of 14 kilometers from the gate of Ba Vi National Park. The way up to the peak is asphalted and clean, so tourists just need to prepare comfortable costumes, some water, bread and a camera to begin the journey. On the way, trekkers can discover the wildlife and biodiversity.

On the peak, tourists can take panoramic views of unlimited rice fields vaporous in the mist, lakes as giant mirrors, streams as silver carpets and tortuous roads. Different from the life at the foot, the peak keeps silent, the pristine silence of nature without any glistening rays of sun and without any human life.

On the way, tourists can visit national relics like a shrine to Ho Chi Minh, controversially situated at the summit of this mountain, or some old temples. Standing in the center of endless deserted nature, human beings seem to be so small. Nevertheless, nature also challenges those small creatures to conquer and discover its mysteries.


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