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Visiting Can Gio World Biosphere Reserve

Can Gio mangrove forest that was recognised by UNESCO in 2000 as the biosphere reserve, has attracted various native and foreign guests for its distinct fauna and flora.

As the solely coastal district of Ho Chi Minh town, Can Gio includes a total area of, ½ of that is mangrove forest.Can Gio has around 32,000 hectares of natural and planted forests, considered as the ‘green lung’ of city and opening up good prospects for ecotourism.

It also has over two hundred species of animals, containing species of reptiles listed within the Vietnam Red Book. It boasts of one hundred twenty five species of seaweeds, sixty nine species of fish, twenty four species of amphibians, and twenty two species of birds.  

Let’s make a tour of the biosphere reserve:

Covering, Can Gio is blessed with very rich biodiversity

Walking along the wandering paths of the mangrove forest

Walking through a suspension bridge into the reserve

Yellow-cheeked crested gibbons are in dire need of protection

The coastal habitat supports many species of monkeys, including baboons  

Deers also have their own living space

Crocodiles are cross-bred in reserved areas

They are released back into the wild when they are grown

Can Gio bird sanctuary is an ideal destination for tourists

It is home to many endangered species of birds

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