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Rok artists’ paintings on display in Hanoi

An exhibition named “Three people, three colours” opened on May 24 in the Korean Cultural Centre in Hanoi, displaying 43 works by three artists of the Republic of Korea who are living and working in Hanoi.

Woo Kyeong Hwa, female artist graduated from Ewha Women's University in 1987. She has lived in Hanoi for six years and has participated in the course of lacquer for nearly three years at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts (2003-2006).

At the exhibition, she brought 13 Chalk art works, a new art form in Vietnam. Most of the themes were taken from the "Teddy Bear", giving spectators multicolored and friendly perspective about the adorable animal.

Joining this exhibition also Yoo Haejung, a schoolfellow of Woo in Ewha Women's University. "Stone" is the theme throughout her works on display at the exhibition. They brought spectators special feeling for the beauty and uniqueness of stone under the Korean traditional painting style.

Young painter Kim Minseung inherites artistic talents from his mother, Woo has received assistance from his own teacher, Yoo Haejung. He will introduce his penciled drawings with bold personality of the young Korean painters.

The exhibition will last till May 30.

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