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Buckwheat Flower Season - Ha Giang

When the winter comes, buckwheat flowers blossom in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. People often seed buckwheat after maize harvest and major cop.

This flower is characterised by triangle-shaped pistil and it is reason why local people call buckwheat with name the “triangular flower". Previously, the mountainous people often planted winter food crops for their daily demand after the maize was harvested. Supplementary food crops were usually beans, buckwheat and winter vegetables.

Photo: Pham Ky Suu

Buckwheat is sown in November and December. Main characteristic of buckwheat flowers is pinkish when they have been in blossom and then in light purple. Buckwheat’s average height is 50 - 70 cm, they are  more than 1m if they are well cared. Its seeds have greasy and flavor taste, they used to make bread. Buckwheat’s stems and leaves are used as feed for cattle. For those who are really lucky to taste buckwheat bread, it must be an unforgettable experience and can not be irresistible aroma of bread.

Currently, buckwheat area is not large, but when winter comes, tourists still can look up mountains which are full of buckwheat in blossom, particularly rock mountian slopes in Sung La and Pho Cao areas in Dong Van district or along some ways to Dong Van and Meo Vac and along the road from Dong Van to Meo Vac through the Ma Pi Leng Pass.

In winter, visitors to Ha Giang cannot only view majestic natural landscape on top of Ma Pi Leng Pass and unique cultural identities but also explore beautiful and mysterious buckwheat on this spectacular land.





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