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Paying a visit to the wild Hon Thi Island

Hon Thi Island is on the way to Nha Phu Lagoon for tourists who are visiting Nha Trang however if you bypass this tiny gem you're missing out.


The island covers 500 hectares and its pristine beauty may be a big attraction for tourists who are intrigued by the sector and are keen to exploring the

riddles of nature where human simply touches bit a part of it.

About 3 kilometers from the land, Hon Thi is found in Ninh Ich Commune, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province. therefore to get to the island, you'll be able to take a boat from Da Chong Beach or from Ninh Ich Commune.

When you arrive, flocks of deer and ostrich that you'll be able to feed, play with and watch them to run round the space. Along the island are several
stunning beaches with several rock beaches. Along the beach are several ocean vegetables, wild flowers and lots of trees you may be never seen before.
Inside the island, tourists can see variety of orchards with several sorts of fruit trees like guava, orange, dragon fruit, sugar apple and coconut.

The island is additionally home to fishing boats and lots of vestiges because it is used to be a brief home for folks when storms return. there's a small temple that was built in 1998 and is devoted to worship the ocean god.

It is laid low with rock gardens, piling up into caves therefore tourists will proceed an journey with a flash light. However, the journey isn't for the faint-

hearted simply the brave and the bold. Because the island continues to be primitive, you have got to bring your own food and drink.

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