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Hue Old Capital with several cultural heritages

Hue is the place where has several cultural heritages. Up to now, there's no place like Hue remaining many originally historical vestiges in this ancient Capital City.

On the Northern bank of Perfume River has relics including palaces that were constructed as arc defensive ramparts with 11km length. This worthy construction consists of over one hundred architectural works that were extraordinarily reflected the lifetime of Emperors and mandarins under Nguyen reign. Located in the middle of hills on the Southern bank of Perfume River are very beautiful tombs of Nguyen Kings. These tombs are the four famous ones with the name and the arrangements of the tomb reflected each Emperor's points of view, personality, and tastes. This is imposing Gia Long tomb, majestic Minh Mang tomb, poetic Tu Duc tomb together with sumptuous Khai Dinh tomb.

Hue is considered as an important place of Buddhism. In Hue and its surrounding still exist 10 pagodas built a lot of three hundred years ago, and 100 temples and pagodas in the first century.

Furthermore, the royal music is originated from Hue, along with ancient famous dishes and complex handicraft. As a unique city of Vietnam that still remains its kind of town beneath Middle Age and the constructions of monarchic, Hue has become an enormous and a useful museum. So the government chose vestiges in Hue ancient capital as a very precious property. On December 1993,  UNESCO recognized Hue as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Climate: The weather is submitted to tropical monsoon climate consists of four distinct seasons: fresh spring, extremely hot summer, delicate autumn and windy, cold winter. The dry season lasts from March to August. it's hot with temperate rarely reaches to thirty-nine.5ºC. The rainy season lasts from September to February. It is quite cold with average temperature is 19.7ºC, however it reduces down to 8.8ºC. During this time, it rains very much, perhaps it lasts all day. If tourists don’t like raining, they move to Danang city, 108km from south of Hue. In the mountain sector, the weather is cool with the annual temperature is between 9ºC and 29ºC. The most convenient time for traveling is from November to April.

Thua Thien-Hue offers very diversified and delightful landscapes. Nature and people form a harmoniously beauty with Bach Ma (White Horse) National  Park and different enticing beaches like Thuan An, Lang Co and Canh Duong. The province provides a well-balanced mixture of royal heritage and people culture.

Tourists discover many handicraft villages, with annual festivals that are painstakingly organized. Hue is additionally a very important center of Buddhism and exist tens of pagodas three hundred years ago, and hundred of temples and pagodas built the first twentieth century.

Furthermore, tourist is ready to relish several ancient famous dishes and ascertain regarding refined handicraft here. Hue Citadel has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage web site by UNESCO since December 1993,Hue Royal Musical (Nha nhac) has been declared as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage since November 2003.


Transportation by train, road, air and water routes is incredibly convenient.

Road: Thua Thien-Hue Province is 658km from Hanoi, 1,080km from Ho Chi Minh town, 108km from Danang. The province has the National Highway 14 that connect Hue with Central Highlands. It's also on the National Highway 1A with Hanoi and Ca Mau.

Train: The Thong Nhat Express trains from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh stop at Hue Railway station. The native trains come back to other provinces.

Airline: Phu Bai Airport consists o many flights: Hue - Ho Chi Minh city and Hue - Hanoi.

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