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The role of Vietnamese children

Vietnamese children are polite and know how to behave themselves at home and outside.

They are the subject to discipline, particularly in school, and are taught to be completely obedient to their older siblings, relatives, and parents. They're also told to obey, respect and hear older people.

At home, kids are expected to assist parents, look after their younger siblings or aging grandparents, and do anything, they can be in the method of babysitting, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc..., based on their age and the economic state of affairs of their family.

At school, kids show nice respect for his or her their and school directors. Discipline is strictly observed and any violations can lead to severe punishments.Courting and dating are never inspired by the parents nor practiced by the bulk of adolescents. Casual friendship between boys and boys exists however sometimes on a reserved basis and under strict management by parents or surveillance by school proctors. Girls tend to urge in conjunction with girls, boys tend to flock with boys, and therefore the dividing line in many cases is clear-out.

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36 old streets and guilds - Hanoi’s old Quarter

36 old streets and guilds - Hanoi’s old Quarter

Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam has attracted lots of tourists over the years is its Old Quarter (36 old streets and guilds). It is a well-known place for the history, the architecture, the enormous amount and diversity of products and even the everyday life of its residents.


South Central vietnam

South Central vietnam

Home to some of Southern Vietnam's best beachesSouth-central Vietnam covers the coastal region from Quang Ngai in the north to Phan Thiet in the south following Highway One along the coast.


Silent Hanoi

Silent Hanoi

The above lines were penned by the Hanoi poet Xuan Dieu, written for one person, whose name is appeared in the poem.