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Stork Island looks like white flowers from a far distance

Visitors to an island within the northern province of Hai Duong in early winter are impressed with thousands of storks and herons on high of bamboo and alternative trees.

They look like white flowers from a far distance. The Stork Island is situated in the middle of An Duong Lake in Chi Lang Nam Commune, Thanh Mien District, one of the most impressive eco-tourism resorts in the north. The island was shaped in early fifteenth century after the dyke of the Red River broke down as a result of huge flood. Gradually, it became refuge for storks and herons from everywhere in the country. Nowadays, there are 15,000 storks from 7 species and 5,000 herons of 3 species on the island. Thousands of storks and herons fly to the island in September when its the north-east wind blows. They usually stay there till April of the next year. Storks and herons flocks out and into the lake in early morning and late afternoon, making a desirable scene.

In 1996, the Vietnam office of the UN Development Programme proposed coming Dao Co into an environmental education centre in a two-year, a project which might see planting of bamboo trees and introducing teaching programmes to enhance awareness of environmental protection. There are plans to create Dao Co a part of an eco-trail ranging from Hanoi, winding through Hien Street to Stork Island and into Con Son, Kiep Bac and Haiphong, and come back to the capital.

The island was open to guests 10 years ago. Several investment projects develop the island as an attractive resort are underway.

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