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Russian tourist praised Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy is a small island situated about 100 km from Phan Thiet city, Vietnam. In northern of island, half of the residents are inhabited, with a population of 20,698 people.

During a recent trip, we had a chance to know more about the attractions of Phu Quy island (Binh Thuan province) for foreign tourists, especially tourists in Russia, Australia, USA and Canada. A large number of foreigners with Vietnam travel guide visit Phu Quy Island.

A friend group of Alexandre Rasiborskiy is a typical example. They came from Russia, includes 4 people, rent a rest house near Phu Quy port to stay for long days in the average price, both groups relax in the morning. In the afternoon, people went out Long Hai beach to play kite skiing. Alexandre Rasiborskiy said: "I feel Phu Quy island very great. The beauty remains unspoiled. The sea wind is suitable for us to play the particular sports. "

The circular umbrella in the wind becomes the excitement for visitors’sport favorite. In the future, sports will become popular when Phu Quy tourism develops. Most visitors know Phu Quy through friends and foreign press. Compared to Mui Ne, the price of accommodation and catering services in Phu Quy is much cheaper. It was the reason why many tour groups choose Phu Quy island. Ms. Marie Konstanova (Russian tourists) said her group saves thousands of dollars for the trip. "It was the first time that I came to the island and found everything very interesting. We will stay here for a long time. The next trip, we probably still choose Phu Quy to play kite skiing “ Ms Maria Konstanova said.

Mr. Mac Dang Linh (Vice Chairman District) said: "In 2012, the island district focuses on economic development. They call for tourist investment as well as more incentives for tourism projects.

According to the report of the district committee’s people, tourism projects in Mo Thay area of Lan Dong company and tourism project of Sail Travel Company were approved, promised to create a new face for Phu Quy tourism. In particular, ecotourism project of  Mr Duong Linh Phung’s Long Vi beach maintains stable operation. Long Vi restaurant is the only place to provide special dishes for Phu Quy for domestic and foreign tourists when they arrive this island. An attractive destination, if lack of food service, resort, it is monotonous. Therefore, the presence of Long Vi restaurant and ideal rest house meets the demand of tourists when they travel to Vietnam to Phu Quy.

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