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Beat the heat at Hanoi's water park

West Lake (Ho Tay) is a fun-filled water park waiting to cool down the over-heated.

Summer in Hanoi goes on heating up. No one knows when it will begin to cool down – courtesy of climate change, finding ways to beat the heat has become easier.

Hanoi-waterpark-1-300x225 Beat the Hanoi heat at Hanois water park

Vietnamese families and a few tourists usually visit the area boasts great energy as well as a great way to spend the entire day.

Vietnam guider helps tourists know about the Cong Vien Nuoc Ho Tay water-park, it has all things such as water slides, a lazy river, sprinkler parks, water guns, diving boards, waterfalls, and even a zipline that splashes into a pool.

Hanoi-waterpark-3-300x225 Beat the Hanoi heat at Hanois water park

The cost of entrance is 140,000 VND (7 USD) which allows you to all of the facilities. It is near an amusement park and one of Hanoi’s most famous, and biggest Vietnamese and International buffets – if you are going to visit the park it is highly suggested to do the buffet after the water-park! The best way to get to the park is by taxi.The park is open throughout all the week.


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