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Non Nuoc Beach - A beautiful beach in Da Nang

Non Nuoc Beach gently slopes towards the quite, pure, blue sea; the clarity of the water attracts guests who come back to bathe and luxuriate in the seafood. This fine sandy beach with sunshine around the year makes it appropriate for tourism in 4 seasons.

Da Nang contains a coastline of thirty kilometres long, famous for several lovely seashores spreading from the north to the south like My Khe, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra and so on. Non Nuoc Beach conjointly pertains to Da Nang ocean and has been voted as one of the most lovely and attracting beaches of the earth, 2005, according to Forbes, the leading magazine of America. This beach has light slope, mild waves, and purely blue ocean water throughout the four seasons. The unpolluted water supply here has attracted variety of tourists returning to wash, fancy native special sea foods and take a rest for weekends. The beach Non Nước is additionally an area that exist precious and rare seaweeds like gracilarias "yellow thread" and glacilaria "screw" that have high worth of exporting.

Non Nuoc BeachWith green water and white sand, Non Nuoc Beach spreads 5 kilometers along the shore of Hoa Hai Ward at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son (The Marble Mountains). The beach is well-known for its seaweed which reaches exportation standards. Several five-star hotels were built Non Nuoc to accommodate the domestic and foreign tourists within the space. Together with its feature of wave degree, climate, weather and salinity, Non Nuoc Beach is appropriate for water sports, chiefly surfing. In 1993, there came about a global champion with the participation of nearly 40 athletes from several countries round the world.

Along the beach, on the white sand is a forest of age-old casuarinas that is shady, green and is waving in the whistling wind. This is a perfect place for resting and camping. When the darkness falls and therefore the moon rises, you're able to set yourself free on sleek benches along the beach to pay attention to melodious sounds of the waves and luxuriate in the occult area.

The beach is managed by the Non Nuoc Tourism Company that has 3 hotels with over one hundred rooms on the beach. They supply entertainment services as well as images for memento, handicraft outlets, massage, restaurant, tennis and a few gymnastics. A sequence of tourism resorts is planned to cater for international tourists as well as seaside hotels and restaurants, chiefly a global standard golf court.

Besides convalescence and bathing, tourists to Non Nuoc Beach also can connect their journeys with traveling the relic Marble Mountains, that boast some ancient pagodas and sacred  monumental caves, go around fine art stone handicraft villages right at the foot of the Mountains or go boating on Co Co River (Stork Neck River) to contemplate peacefulness of the Marble Mountains.


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