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Visiting the historical area - Pac Bo Cave

It takes 272km by car from Hanoi along National Highway No3, guests can arrive at Cao Bang town.

Sleeping at the night in fresh air and a cool, quiet space of this mountainous sector, their tiredness will disappear. The following morning guests can ride through Hoa An to reach in Ha Quang sector. Through the windows of car, guests will see golden rice fields lying amid inexperienced mountains, tiny village with lots of houseson-stilts below the shade of towering clusters of peach trees, and the winding streams with thatch-roofed bridges. Guests will definitely be very curious about viewing the picturesque scenery, presented by the nature.

Passing a hill where there's the newly-built Ho Chi Minh Museum, guests can see the historical space of Pac Bo. The key historical relics during this space includes Pac Bo, Coc Bo, Bo Bam Cave, Lenin Stream, Karl Marx Mountain, Co Rac Ground and Khuoi Nam. The famous Coc Bo Cave is where President Ho Chi Minh established his residence and worked on Vietnam’s revolutionary course after strolling back from 30 years abroad.

Pac Bo Cave, Cao BangWalking on the rocks along the facet of the stream, where Uncle Ho used to work and go fishing, guests reach a wood bridge over Coc Bo rivulet where Lenin Stream starts. The water is obvious, cool and so tranquil that one will see the fish and pebbles on its bed and the green watercress in the water. Beyond the bridge is the place where Uncle Ho typically cooked soup with vegetable and bamboo shoots. By the facet of a rugged rocky mountain is Pac Po Cave. Looking at the cave from its mouth, you'll be able to see the words "February 8th, 1941 "written by Uncle Ho on the wall. That was the day he came to stay in this tiny cave, a wet and cold place lying deep during a mountain gorge that noone noted.

Inside the cave, there's a wood board and a bed for Uncle Ho. During this place, Uncle Ho is with the simple dress of the Nung people, typically sat by the fireplace at nighttime to speak together with his assistant Pham Van Dong, Vo Nguyen Giap and Phung Chi Kien... concerning the things at home and abroad. Here, Uncle Ho predicted: "In four or 5 years, the Vietnamese revolution are going to be successful. "His words became true. On September 2nd, 1945 the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the primary State of staff and peasants in Asia, came into being. One night when staying during this cave, Uncle Ho advised General Vo Nguyen Giap : "Undertaking revolutionary activities needs “di cong vi thuong” which suggests, common benefits should be placed higher than all". His teachings were short, clear and accurate as a truth, however to perform them weren't straightforward were difficult.

About 1km from the mouth of Pac Bo Cave, there's tiny shack by the facet of Khuoi Nam Mountain. During this shack Uncle Ho held the eighth Party Central Committee Meeting, that promulgated a resolution on preparations for the armed insurrection and the establishment of the Viet Minh and also the revolutionary war zone. Next to the shack is milestone 108 marking the Vietnam-China border, where fifty nine years ago, Uncle Ho left beloved land of his country to go abroad. At that time, he was 50 years old with grey hair.

Visiting this historical space, guests can learn additional concerning the good life of President Ho Chi Minh that is part- mirrored through his optimistic revolutionary verses.

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